Saturday, March 8, 2014

Do You Need Help With Your Projects?

I'm here to help you! 

Please write me about your craft and sewing needs. I have a vast amount of experience. I'm interested in creating an interactive forum here. 
I'd love to hear from you!
  Here is a sampling of some of the NON- Clothing projects I've been making lately!
Seeded Cable Dog Sweater


Paper Crafting-Samples Sets for my thread and elastic listings

A 3 inch hoop for a craft swap
Large Messianic (Judeo -Christian) Banner- made in Rip-Stop-nylon with applique  

Embroidery- Gold Metallic Thread ON VELVET - This was a Custom Order

Crochet- Small Cotton Shoulder Bag With Glass Beads

Crochet with Felt Leaves, Beaded Broach or Hair Ornament

A Wedding Kippah- Crochet With Metallic Embroidery

Knitting- BOBINA is her name- Made from "BOBO The Clown" Pattern

Knitting- Wool Cabled Hat and Scarf, also included leg warmers. Modeled by my daughter, Crystal.