Friday, December 3, 2010

Custom Flag Project

 I just completed this lovely flag for Grants Jewelers in New York State.  I'm so proud of the way it turned out! The flag is made of 1.5oz. rip-stop nylon; and it's 2-sided. The fact that it's 2-sided creates a challenge, since the image has to be matched up exactly.
There were a lot of steps to this, and it was more time consuming than I anticipated. But, Here's the finished item:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lover of My Soul ... a poem to the Lord

My Jesus, Lover of My Soul,
How often you've wept for me,
Waiting there patiently,
I shall never know.

How often have I broken
Your true and precious heart-
By looking towards others
To fill that empty part?

Though often I have grieved you,
Yet you'd never leave;
But you waited for me,pleading...
"Don't you want me?
Don't you want me?"

Now and then you'd let me
See your loving face,
Always there 'till I was ready
To recieve your pure embrace.

My Jesus, Lover of my soul...
All the while 'twas you I was searching for.
You are my one true Love,
The Lover of my Soul.

And if someday you should choose
To comfort me in human arms,
I will surely know it is really you,
Loving me in borrowed form.

Karen L. King 2/12/10

Friday, February 5, 2010

Lacy Scallopped Prayer Shawl

Just editing to say it's finished! It has 25 sections of 12 rows. Great for keeping shoulders warm while watching T.V. This was a real challenge to keep on count with... I was so glad to finish it!  Not trying to scare anyone, I guess that's just the way knitting is!
Hit! This is my current project. I am knitting a prayer shawl. It is about 2/3 finished.I posted a link on Craftster, so here's the link! : Complete instructions and photos are there.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Few Air Dancers

Here are a few of the Advertising Air Dancers I make. These are in two categories, Full sized, with an 18" diameter blower, and Mini, with an 8" diameter blower. The heights are respectively, 18 and 9 feet, on the average.
You can e-mail me at for more information.

Windsock Designs

My Exclusive Windsocks Designs

These are all my original work. I retain all rights to these designs, and any portion of them.
If you would like to purchase an item, Please e-mail me.

About me

Hi, I'm Karen. I'm new to this blogging thing. I've been spending a lot f time on Craftster, another site.
It seems like it's time for me to create a sewing tutorial blog. If anyone out there wants help, you can write me with questions. I am still learning how this all works, to format the pages, and such. But, I am also experienced in many forms of handicrafts.
I started sewing at 6 years old. The first thing mom taught me was knitting, embroidery, and I picked up sewing initially on my own. Mom and Grandma were always sewing. It came about naturally. For over 25 years, I designed and made custom Bridal Gowns, in California.
I also had some lage theatrical experiences. One season at the San Francisco Opera, another at Sea World in San Diego. The Glory of Christmas production... at the Crystal Cathedral. It was in 1984 I first worked in the theatrical community with these events. The last several years have taken me into the Advertising Balloon Business, making Air Dancers.
Then, August of 2007, I had a serious ankle injury. Almost fully recovered, I just had a bicycle accident, injuring the same foot with several brken bones. This has caused me to move in Mom in Phoenix. (I moved here to recover from the ankle thing last May)
So, being limited to the lifestyle of being in recovery physically, I have had the luxury of being able to play with many forms of crafts I have rarely had time to do. You will see a variety of projects, with seemingly no real sense of sameness. I am jumping all over the place, with all kinds of mediums. And, I'm having a great time doing it!
With all this down time, I have also had the opportunity to begin developing my computer skills. A PC novice, a year and a half ago I was ignorant of most of the PC skills I now have. And, I still have a way to go.
Apart from the Air Dancers, which is predominately a seasonal business, Another form of income for me is my Windsock Collection. I use the same rip-stop nylon fabric, and have been designing these since last year. I will be making a new batch of these for this spring. They can be ordered. If anyone is interested in purchasing one, Please contact me. The average price is $25-35.00, plus minimal shipping.($5.00)
Special Wholesale pricing is available, for orders of 12 or more. Here are a few photos of some of my Air Dancers and Windsocks.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wedding Gown Fitting Muslin

This is JUST a Fitting muslin! It almost looks like it could be the real dress. But, it isn't. This is how we test a pattern, to get it right before cutting. And, it could be used in the inside of the dress if the fabric is good enough, and it doesn't have to be re-cut. But, since she was going overseas, we made this just in case she met someone.
But, alas, She's back, and no beau... Yet!
Plus, she lost 4 sizes, so this wouldn't work on her now anyway!
But, this is how any fine custom gown is started. You can create anything you want from this stage. Crystal's plan is for an all-over lace gown. I'm thinking a fine, Chantilly type lace. Not the thick re-embroidered lace.
Or, an embroidered chiffon.
To make a fitting muslin: simply use a fabric you can afford to scrap later, but it needs to be able to hold it's shape. Your odd-colored linings will do just fine. Even if you use several colors of the same type. Just cut out your pattern, and pin. Later, transfer your changes to the pattern.
You are now ready to cut your beautiful fabric!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Miniature Red Leather Couch

I made this for the
44cent envelope swap. It was sent unstuffed. I made this pattern. It was completely my own design.
Wo'd ever think they were going to get a whole couch in the mail???

Star Of Wonder Front Door Banner

I made this front door banner for a Craftster Christ-Centered Christmas Swap I organized. My partner wanted something for her front door.
I used heavy banner vinyl, rip-stop nylon, fine ribbon in 3 sizes, outdoor vinyl paint, and insignia cloth.
The original image was a borrowed design. I improvised the usage of it. The idea for the application of the image is all my own.
This item was made as a gift, and will not be/was not sold.
This is the first draft of this piece, the one I kept. Hers had a computer generated lettering font.
The border and front field are paint, the star and background, and camel are applique work. The black lines were done with 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" ribbon stitched on.
I used 4 grommetts with 1/4" holes. She had a metal door, so the piece was secured in her home with heavy magnetic hooks. This is shown tacked up with screws on the ends of bookcases. The camel blanket was detailed with gold paint marker.

Molly The Monkey

Meet Molly! I just made her to join the dude on her left.

He is 28 years old. She just arrived the other day!

The Dude has travelled the world with Crystal, my daughter. They were in the U.S. Navy together. Now, He's found himself a wild and crazy girl named Molly!

Don't they look like a happy mis-matched couple?

He's the traditional sock monkey, she's all crochet. Her eyes and lips are felt. I used fun fur on the finished, stuffed body, arms, legs, and a bit down the center of tail. She measures 29" total length.

If you want to make her, I started from the hat, then worked down. The body is 8" in diameter, and 12" long from the hat brim to rump. This was an improvised piece. There was no pattern. But, it's all shaped just like the dude next to her.

She took 2.5 balls of "Sugar and Cream " cotton yarn, 1 ball of fun-fur, and less than 1/2 ball of Allure... the thicker white fun-fur. All the parts were sewn on after stuffing. Except the hat... It was part of the main piece.

The fun-fur was crocheted by single crochet on top. You just go over the mesh of stitches, after she is stuffed. It worked up real fast. This was so much fun to make! Here's some more pics... If I can get them up.