Friday, January 1, 2010

Miniature Red Leather Couch

I made this for the
44cent envelope swap. It was sent unstuffed. I made this pattern. It was completely my own design.
Wo'd ever think they were going to get a whole couch in the mail???


  1. That is awesome! If you made it out of something that could take pins (that looks like leather or pleather or something that you can't poke holes so easily in?) so that you could use the couch as a pin cushion, with maybe a tiny storage ottoman that could hold bobbins.. a spool of thread as a coffee table.. It could be like a whole scene from The Borrowers!

  2. This is so excellent! I just love the thought of a mini couch. I want one on my kitchen table so the salt & pepper can relax on it ;)

  3. Thanks, Gals!
    I made this for a craft swap. We did a .44 cent envelope swap on craftster. I made this for Lovesclutter. She is building a poppet house. It was photographed stuffed, so she could see it finished, but sent to her Un-stuffed. I can't believe I actually got it in the envie!
    Yes, this is leather, but not a thick one.
    I made the pattern myself.
    Those are both great ideas, thanks for posting comments!