Friday, January 1, 2010

Molly The Monkey

Meet Molly! I just made her to join the dude on her left.

He is 28 years old. She just arrived the other day!

The Dude has travelled the world with Crystal, my daughter. They were in the U.S. Navy together. Now, He's found himself a wild and crazy girl named Molly!

Don't they look like a happy mis-matched couple?

He's the traditional sock monkey, she's all crochet. Her eyes and lips are felt. I used fun fur on the finished, stuffed body, arms, legs, and a bit down the center of tail. She measures 29" total length.

If you want to make her, I started from the hat, then worked down. The body is 8" in diameter, and 12" long from the hat brim to rump. This was an improvised piece. There was no pattern. But, it's all shaped just like the dude next to her.

She took 2.5 balls of "Sugar and Cream " cotton yarn, 1 ball of fun-fur, and less than 1/2 ball of Allure... the thicker white fun-fur. All the parts were sewn on after stuffing. Except the hat... It was part of the main piece.

The fun-fur was crocheted by single crochet on top. You just go over the mesh of stitches, after she is stuffed. It worked up real fast. This was so much fun to make! Here's some more pics... If I can get them up.

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