Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wedding Gown Fitting Muslin

This is JUST a Fitting muslin! It almost looks like it could be the real dress. But, it isn't. This is how we test a pattern, to get it right before cutting. And, it could be used in the inside of the dress if the fabric is good enough, and it doesn't have to be re-cut. But, since she was going overseas, we made this just in case she met someone.
But, alas, She's back, and no beau... Yet!
Plus, she lost 4 sizes, so this wouldn't work on her now anyway!
But, this is how any fine custom gown is started. You can create anything you want from this stage. Crystal's plan is for an all-over lace gown. I'm thinking a fine, Chantilly type lace. Not the thick re-embroidered lace.
Or, an embroidered chiffon.
To make a fitting muslin: simply use a fabric you can afford to scrap later, but it needs to be able to hold it's shape. Your odd-colored linings will do just fine. Even if you use several colors of the same type. Just cut out your pattern, and pin. Later, transfer your changes to the pattern.
You are now ready to cut your beautiful fabric!

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