Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lover of My Soul ... a poem to the Lord

My Jesus, Lover of My Soul,
How often you've wept for me,
Waiting there patiently,
I shall never know.

How often have I broken
Your true and precious heart-
By looking towards others
To fill that empty part?

Though often I have grieved you,
Yet you'd never leave;
But you waited for me,pleading...
"Don't you want me?
Don't you want me?"

Now and then you'd let me
See your loving face,
Always there 'till I was ready
To recieve your pure embrace.

My Jesus, Lover of my soul...
All the while 'twas you I was searching for.
You are my one true Love,
The Lover of my Soul.

And if someday you should choose
To comfort me in human arms,
I will surely know it is really you,
Loving me in borrowed form.

Karen L. King 2/12/10

1 comment:

  1. I wrote this poem to The Lord. It has been a long journey searching for true love. I finally know that there is one love that is pure and true. And anyone else can only be like a shadow of Him.
    Only one who is truly in harmony with God, can give you what you really need.That is Love in it's purest form.
    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!