Sunday, September 19, 2010

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  1. These days have me working at a Bridal Shop here in Phoenix, Arizona.
    I haven't been on here in a while, and have spent but a little time on Craftster.
    However, I am planning to get more active. Doing Bridal Gown Alterations takes one away from the other projects. The eyes just get too tired.
    One thing on my mind, is building up the etsy shop. I am getting some patterns posted, as well as spending more time researching and looking at other shops.
    I would really like to build up my own private dressmaking clientele, like when I was in San Francisco.
    The foot injuries I went thru are much better, so I am making a comeback in a physical way.
    Love keeps eluding me... Will I EVER be a bride? Or just always helping the others???
    My friend is getting married, and I am making her dress. A very simple raw silk princess seam dress. It will get a little lace around the neck. But, this is a slightly mature bride, so modesty matters.
    Finally, my birthday was Thursday, Sept. 16th.
    it was great to see how many friends posted birthday wishes on facebook. I really didn't expect it!
    Thanks, everyone!