Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Craft-a-long... 100 Flowers Book
    I started a Craft-Along on Craftster.Org for a book entitled:
100 Flowers to Knit And Crochet; by Leslie Stanfield.
In this Photo Collage I have made a small batch of  flowers in 
Crochet, with a size 1.80 hook, and size 10 Soft Twist Craft Thread. I'm showing the multi-color pack I purchased for this, each skein is 10 yards in length. I really love the little butterfly the best!  
    Also, I'm starting some of the knitted flowers and leaves with a set of tiny size 0 DPNS. ( That's double-pointed needles) 
  Please check them out ! I haven't decided what to do with the flowers yet, but they will be used to embellish lot's of things, like gift packages for starters!  

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